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Leakage Protection with Hygiene

Feel relaxed and confident everyday with Softpal. Our deep absorption sanitary pads lock in fluid to prevent leaks, while natural herbs eliminate odours, giving you 99% protection against bacteria for worry-free freshness.

Period & Non Period Hygiene

With our selection of sanitary napkins and pantyliners, which are ideal for both period and non-period days, you can be comfortable and hygienic all day.

Taking Care of Dreams

Our dedication to encouraging and valuing each woman's potential. We seek to support her health, self-assurance, and financial independence by raising awareness of the need of cleanliness and providing resources and products.

Softpal Advance Leak Lock System


3x Absorbency And Retention

It absorbs and retains 3 times more fluid than regular pad.

Dry & Comfortable Design

Has double dry top sheet that absorbs fluid faster while inner layers lock the fluid into gel.

XL 280 MM long pads (280 mm longer)

Its 280mm longer pads give you all-round protection.

Odour Control

It prevents and neutralizes the smell to provide you all-day freshness.

About Softpal

SoftPal India specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality sanitary pads. Our goal is based on the conviction that all women should have access to menstrual hygiene products that are dependable, comfortable, and safe.

SoftPal India was founded with a strong dedication to the welfare of women, and we are aware of the vital role that menstrual health plays in women's life. Superior absorption, comfort, and protection are guaranteed by the careful attention to detail that goes into the design of our goods. Using hypoallergenic materials is our first priority in order to reduce irritation and provide a worry-free menstrual experience. SoftPal India is devoted to raising awareness and educating people about menstruation hygiene, in addition to our dedication to quality.

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